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2018 Abstracts

Stroke Optimization for Petroleum Rod Pumping

Craig Schoenberger; Nathan Van Katwyk; Jens Griffin; Insu Kim, Brigham Young University

Rod pumping is the number one method of pumping crude oil out of reservoirs. A major maintenance problem in rod pumping, fluid pound is when the pump is not filled to a optimum amount causing the plunger to 'pound' back on the down stroke. This project works with RodMax Oil & Gas, who has developed a hydraulic rod pumping unit that has adjustable stroke parameters. The goal is to create an advanced control system that maximizes oil production while minimizing fluid pound. Completed on this project is the programming on the advanced controller, development of a human machine interface that is available on a mobile phone app, and a script that optimizes stroke parameters and adjusts the operation. Future additions include a well model that controls the gravity force for reservoir simulation and power regeneration.