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2013 Abstracts

Maple Leaf Training Center

Kinsley Oates, Weber State University

Interior Design

Research shows that athletics help pave the wave for student to pay for college and obtain an education. (Proposition 48, N.C.A.A 2010) Proposition 48 supports this cause by focusing on the output of graduating students, rather than the input of entrance standards. The N.C.A.A studies show, “The persistence of low-achieving students in college have suggested that participation in athletics is frequently the catalyst for student who have not performed well in high school to study more diligently and, ultimately, to graduate.” Steve Kendall wrote that for many at-risk students, athletics is the only reason they go to school. He states, “These at-risk students who have no other reason to attend school other than athletics benefit from this policy. They are in classes and participating in the activities and exercises happening in the classrooms.” Jerry Tarkanian a coach at UNLV defends his stance on trying to help underprivileged players deserve a shot at straightening out their lives. The Maple Leaf Training Center located in Spanish Fork Utah, will provide at-risk student who attend high school a privilege to obtain scholarships and a chance of going to a college or university. Students who live in poverty and low income home do not have an option to get into colleges or universities. This 23,000 square foot facility will help 1st generations college students train and obtain scholarships, both academic and athletic for them to continue on to a college or university to pursue their future.