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2013 Abstracts

Linkage Analysis of Late Onset Alzheimer’s Disease Population in Search of Chromosomal Region Harboring Rare Causal Variants

Kevin Boehme, Brigham Young University


Late Onset Alzheimer disease (LOAD) is caused by a complex combination of genetic and environmental factors. While multiple loci have been found associated with an increased risk of LOAD much of the heritability of the disease has yet to be accounted for. The prevailing thought now is that of rare variants playing an important role in LOAD. In this study we will use linkage analysis to identify novel regions of the genome that may harbor rare disease causing variants. Data for these analysis comes from 748 people (503 with LOAD) from the Cache County study on Memory and Aging. This unique population based sample provides great power for linkage as relatedness differs from siblings to distant relatives and complete pedigree information is available for all of the individuals. We will use LD-pruned SNP data from the Illumina Omniexpress BeadChip and pedigree data from the Cache County samples to perform linkage analysis. Quality control and LD-pruning will be con- ducted in PLINK while the Linkage analyses will be conducted using the MERLIN software. Our findings will be reported in the final poster presentation.