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2013 Abstracts

Developing Recipes That Reduce The Fat Content In Baked Foods Where The Fat Substitutes Are Common Foods

Sarah Miller, Southern Utah University

Agriculture and Nutrition Science

The high intake of fat in the average American diet is a growing concern to the nutritional community. High levels of total fat intake increase cardiovascular disease (CVD) which is the number one killer in America. The successful development of low fat recipes that can be accessed and produced by the general population is valuable to the fight against obesity and CVD. If acceptable products can be made with lower fat content then it is possible to lower the fat intake in a person’s diet. This study is designed to test the acceptability of low-fat desserts using every day food products available for home use as fat substitutes. Four popular “name-brand” recipes were altered by removing 55-73% of the fat and replacing it with a common food item, either pureed white or pinto beans, applesauce or yogurt. Southern Utah University students were recruited via flyers, in class announcements, and word of mouth. Participants (n=56) were asked to taste and evaluate the four products. Afterwards they completed a short survey about their knowledge of low-fat food substitutes and acceptability of the products. Results and conclusions forthcoming.