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2020 Abstracts

Womanhood in Art

Richardson, Harriet (Brigham Young University)

Faculty Advisor: George, Daniel (Brigham Young University, Photography)

I am a Utah woman studying photography, and therefore many of my subjects are also Utah women. As I have gotten to research, interact with, and create art with so many unique women, I have come to learn of their stories and experiences. Woman are not only beautiful, but strong and capable beyond comprehension. In my little corner of Utah, many people come and go and presence can be fleeting. Despite this, the similarity between all these women, including myself, is that no matter how much or how little time we spend here, Utah becomes a part of our story and our womanhood. What we learn here, who we meet here, what we create here comes together to enhance us as individuals and the community as a whole. Whether it be through politics, arts, family, or just general life experience – being a Utah women sticks with us and our stories.