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2020 Abstracts

One Step at Time

King, Alise (Utah State University)

Faculty Advisor: Soukhakian, Fazilat (Caine College of the Arts, Art and Design Department)

I emphasize the strength and grit of Ann H. Davis who had crippling feet deformities which caused her to walk on the outsides of her feet, and her determined ability to walk, what today would be a 1,320-mile drive by car. Ann H. Davis was born in 1823 in Wales and traveled to America in 1854. It is said that Ann insisted on walking the majority of the way, rarely taking time for a rest in the wagons. She came with her daughter to Logan, Utah in 1859 from St. Louis. She met and married David W. Davis in Wellsville, Utah and gave birth to two other daughters as well as twins. Ann was a dress maker and raised cattle and sheep. She was also a Relief Society worker for 9 years. I chose to focus my project on Ann H. Davis because of her courage and ability to accomplish something so mentally and physically daunting, in-spite of her physical challenges.

Four of the five prints are created from digital negatives and exposed on salt paper prints. Salt paper printing is a technique created during the 19th century. The larger fifth print is a digital image, portraying Ann H. Davis’ feet. All prints are mounted on aluminum backing. Information about Ann H. Davis came from the Daughter of Utah Pioneers Logan Museum.