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2022 Abstracts

Sense-losing during Cosmology Episodes: An Emplaced, Embodied, and Emplotted Study of Mann Gulch

Presenters: Jarom Hickenlooper ; Ashanna Brown
Authors: Jarom Hickenlooper, Ashanna Brown, Mason Stewart
Faculty Advisor: Kari O'Grady
Institution: Brigham Young University

An annual qualitative meta-analysis of brand-new citations to Weick's cosmology episode magnum opus was enhanced by an emplaced, embodied, and emplotted exploration of Mann Gulch, Montana. Serendipitously, the emplaced researchers' riverboat captain had also served as Norman Maclean's riverboat captain in 1978, and Tim Crawford generously provided an interview that sheds new light on the 1949 cosmology episode. In addition, the researchers' subsequent embodied exploration of the Mann Gulch location transformed their relationship with the cosmology episode. Subsequently, in revisiting all the citations to Mann Gulch published in 2019 and completing all the citations to Mann Gulch published in 2020, the researchers refined their emplotted process theory of cosmology episodes as five complementary institutional micro-processes: sense-receiving, sense-losing, sense-improvising, sense-remaking, and sense-transmitting. This presentation will highlight new Mann Gulch data, narratives, theory, and models on sense-receiving and sense-losing, building on the researchers' previous and 2020 qualitative meta-analyses of citations to Weick's cosmology episode magnum opus. These data and models will be presented in the context of the replicative qualitative meta-analysis, the empathetic field research conducted at Mann Gulch, and allegorical breaching in educating international executives in models of resilience.