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2022 Abstracts

Marketing for Gender-Based Violence Consortium (GBVC)

Presenter: Sohyun Park
Faculty Advisor: Annie Fukushima
Institution: University of Utah

The Gender-Based Violence Consortium is an interdisciplinary team of scholars representing multiple colleges at the University of Utah that foster academic and interprofessional collaboration by sharing this teaching method and responding to GBV in Utah. The purpose of this study are to understand the marketing experiences of GBVC constituents and improve GBVC marketing on social media platforms.This study seeks to understand the marketing needs of the Gender-Based Violence Consortium community and people interested in Gender-Based Violence issues. The GBVC community list-serv comprises students, faculty, staff at the University of Utah, as well as other academic institutions in Utah and community-based organizations. The goal of this study is to understand the marketing needs of a group that is interested in Gender-Based Violence issues and to improve GBVC marketing on mass media.Utilizing mixed methods, data collection included quantitative and qualitative data through surveys and focus groups.The survey that received approval from IRB provides ongoing information regarding the GBVC’s marketing and social media needs. Also, data from focus groups that is conducted by Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima, an Associate Professor with the Division of Ethnic Studies at the University of Utah, is analyzed to understand service needs for survivors of violence in the state of Utah – in particular, domestic violence, human trafficking and sexual quantitatively.