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2022 Abstracts

Explaining Fremont Ceramic Varieties at Snow Farms, Utah

Presenter: Alyssa Pitts
Authors: Alyssa Pitts
Faculty Advisor: James Allison
Institution: Brigham Young University

The Fremont Native Americans were a decentralized culture of farming communities that lived across the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau from about 700 to 1300 AD. They produced a variety of ceramic types which are identifiable by local rock temper. Although Fremont typology has been established for decades, one of the varieties of Great Salt Lake Gray found at Snow Farms in Payson, Utah is dissimilar from varieties found in Utah Valley. This paper first addresses the variety of non-local ceramics found at Snow Farms to determine which regions locals had contact with. It also looks at the unique composition of the Great Salt Lake Gray pottery through petrography and re-firing to answer whether the pottery was locally made in Payson.