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2022 Abstracts

Does religion have an impact on success?

Presenter: Candace Fehr
Authors: Candace Fehr
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Price
Institution: Southern Utah University

There are claims that living a religious life leads to success in people’s personal lives and my question is if this claim can be quantified or proven. Understanding the implications of religion on success would allow for further exploration of the mechanisms driving this relationship between success and religion. To test this claim I will use multivariate regressions using data on religion, income, and education controlling for family size, occupation, geographic region, etc. The hypothesis is that there will be an indication of success for people who are religious compared to those who aren’t. This understanding of how religious people compare to non-religious people economically could help open the door to more research about how religion makes people more successful. Is it the outlook they have on life, the community they’re a part of, or some other factor that helps influence success? As the research gets more specific the opportunities to help make people better off economically would also increase and could help influence policy, or simply inform people of the implications of living a religious life.