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2021 Abstracts

Understanding the Lost Art of Architectural Craft

Presenter: Wesley Romeril, College of Engineering and Technology, Architecture and Engineering Design
Authors: Wesley Romeril
Faculty Advisor: Brandon Ro, College of Engineering and Technology, Architecture and Engineering Design
Institution: Utah Valley University

Traditional architecture had a tendency to work closely with artisans, artists, and craftsman. After the Industrial revolution, however, craftsmen were replaced by machines. As a result, certain aspects of the craft of architecture began to be lost. My research looks at how craft is shown in architectural works and especially how that craft has changed over time from a classical to a modern perspective. Architectural theory describes how modern architecture has changed the way architects see craft in their designs which is often displayed through modern materials like steel, glass, and concrete. Many traditional architects see this as a display of engineering or technical novelty rather than architecture, but that seems to be a skewed perspective. In order to investigate this topic more in depth, I will be conducting a survey among the architecture community to determine how craft is perceived in both classical and modern architects. I anticipate that modern architects will view craft in a much different way than traditional or classical architects.