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2021 Abstracts


Presenter: McCall Soifua, College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology, Interior Design
Authors: McCall Soifua
Faculty Advisor: Kristen Arnold, College of Engineering, Applied Science and Technology, Interior Design
Institution: Weber State University

Single parent households have been on the rise, specifically those led by women. Over the past 5 or 6 years more and more single mothers here in Utah are falling below the poverty line. The Rise & Shine Center will be a place of refuge for struggling single mothers and their children. With all the challenges they face, the center will aim to ease burdens and give women the skills they need to rise above and shine. The center will provide families with housing, mental and physical healthcare facilities, job opportunities through commerce areas and daycare services. Focused on evidence-based design, the center will incorporate principals found during the programming phase. Research shows that sustainability is not being merely an environmental issue. Studies show that it has ties to political, economic, and social factors as well (Chan and Yung, 2011). The center will serve the entire community by offering a small shopping area and café. Women will have the chance to participate and give back to their community. Important design elements are safety, functionality, and an inviting atmosphere. A woman’s life often revolves around protecting her children. When her kids feel safe, she will feel safe. To allow for that to happen, key card entry will be required to access any private spaces, such as housing. Colors will strategically be used to create welcoming or calming environment, based on the space and user needs (Leydecker, 2017). Clear sight lines, effective space planning and wayfinding techniques will be used to produce a functional design (Smith, 2020).