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2021 Abstracts

Preparation of Monoalkyldiphenylphosphonate by use of Grignard Reagents and Lewis Acids from Triphenyl Phosphate.

Presenter: Sydney Rowley, College of Physical Science, Chemistry
Authors: Sydney Rowley, Nathan Werner
Faculty Advisor: Nathan Werner, College of Physical Science, Chemistry
Institution: Southern Utah University

The reaction of Grignard reagents with triphenyl phosphate is being studied. Various Grignard reagents are being introduced into a reaction medium containing triphenyl phosphate to evaluate the ability to control the stoichiometry of the addition reaction. Based on our previous data, we hypothesize that only 1 molar equivalent of Grignard reagent will add to triphenyl phosphate and therefore only monoalkyldiphenylphosphonate will be produced. It has shown that that it is highly likely that Lewis Acids are necessary to complete the reaction, therefore we are focused on two objectives: 1. Studying the reactivity of Grignard reagents of different structure with triphenylphosphite, and 2. Study the ability of a Lewis Acid to electrophilicly activate the phosphate and allow for substitution of the phenoxy groups with various Grignard reagents. The reaction has shown positive results and the reaction conditions are being optimized and studied.