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2021 Abstracts

Observational Study of Seatbelt Use at Utah Valley University

Presenter: Steven Taylor, College of Engineering and Technology, Civil Engineering
Authors: Steven Taylor, Khaled Shaaban
Faculty Advisor: Khaled Shaaban, College of Engineering and Technology, Civil Engineering
Institution: Utah Valley University

Traffic accidents are leading a cause of death and injury among teens. Nearly half of all these fatal accidents could be avoided by wearing a seat belt, but young individuals have the lowest rate of seat belt use of any age group. College students provide an excellent source of information on younger drivers. This study examines Utah Valley University (UVU) drivers and their seat belt use to identify the current rate of seat belt use at UVU. The study should also identify any low seat belt use groups and recommend potential remedial actions. 573 student data points were collected from 6 parking lot entrances at UVU. Gender, ethnicity, vehicle type, and seat belt use were recorded and analyzed. UVU’s seat belt use rate (88.5%) is very close to the state average seat belt use (89.0%). It was discovered that drivers who were white, male, or driving a small truck had the lowest rates of seat belt use. Potential remedial actions include campaigns, increase enforcement, and permanent signage.