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2021 Abstracts

Form or Function? Investigating Mosque Architecture

Presenter: Dylan Hare, College of Engineering and Technology, Architecture
Authors: Dylan Hare
Faculty Advisor: Brandon Ro, College of Engineering and Technology, Architecture
Institution: Utah Valley University

There are many different building types and styles of architecture that demonstrate varying levels of emphasis on form or function. One specific type that deserves a closer look is Islamic architecture and specifically the mosque typology.Islam began in the early 7th century with the Prophet Muhammad and has grown the be the second largest religion in the world. In its early years, Islam would go on to conquer the Byzantine empire and the surrounding areas. As a result, there is a strong Byzantine influence on the architectural form of Islamic mosques. My research project seeks to study how the ritual function has affected the form of mosque architecture or how Byzantine forms have affected the ritual function. My research methodology involves case study analysis in a graphic format. I will be analyzing several different mosque case studies from different geographic locations as well as different time periods. I am expecting to find that the function or the ritual sequence influences the form of the building. I also expect to find that not much has changed over time in terms of form and function.