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2021 Abstracts

An Architectural Study on Typology

Presenter: Hunter Huffman, College of Engineering and Technology, Architecture and Engineering
Authors: Hunter Huffman
Faculty Advisor: Brandon Ro, College of Engineering and Technology, Architecture and Engineering
Institution: Utah Valley University

Every building has a particular use specified when it is first built. While we may consciously perceive it or not, there are times that the building’s use can be reflected through its form. When this occurs, this is called a building typology. For example, architecture in previous eras could easily be identified with a particular use (a bank, church, courthouse, residence, etc.) just by its overall form. My research aims to explore the public view of traditional architecture in contemporary practice through an online survey. The main question at play is; whether or not a building’s typology or exterior appearance makes it more identifiable to the public. Providing a survey, various audiences that do not have a particular tie to architecture (professional or educational), I will narrow an unbiased view of the question at hand. Within this survey, participants will provide feedback on selections of two buildings, as to which building they feel best fits a particular building typology or use. The results of this survey will provide a pattern and guide to support modern architectural practice and its use of traditional building typologies and forms.